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Australia Working Safely conducts the following Training:

  • A 1 day WH&S Course for Managers & Supervisors
  • A 1 day course for Health & Safety Committee members
  • A 1/2 day course for Workers
  • Short courses addressing issues clients raise - these short courses can be done remotely using ZOOM or similar

In most instances the courses are “closed courses” (i.e. only for the one client), done on site at the Client's workplace, or at a training venue. This provides the opportunity to tailor the training to reflect what a particular client might already have in place (e.g. a specific risk assessment tool), discussion of relevant safety issues, allows scheduling of times to suit the client, and provides an opportunity for practical application in the workplace.

Contact Andrew White at Australia Working Safely to discuss your training course needs and obtain a quote.

 0419 311 297        awhite@australiaworkingsafely.com.au      ABN: 99 613 409 144