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Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems / Work Health & Safety Management Systems

What an organisation will require in a Work Health and Safety management system can be dependent on a number of factors such as:
  • the size and diversity of operations
  • the risk nature of the industry
  • the structure of the industry
  • number of employees
  • management structure
  • existence of other systems (e.g. quality assurance, environmental management)
  • resources - both time and financial
Too often an Organisationís Work Health & Safety Management System is not effective due to one or more of the following factors.
  • not developed to the specifics of the business (often “borrowed” from elsewhere)
  • too complicated with no distinction made between the information workers need to know and the information those who are responsible for administering the system need to know.
  • insufficient guidelines within the system on how to use it effectively.
  • lack of management review practices to maintain the system to the changing business and work environment.
If you don't currently have a Work Health & Safety Management System or if you have one that doesn't suit your organisation then Australia Working Safely can develop new systems or restructure existing ones so they are effective for you.
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