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To improve your organisationís work health and safety, if you have a need for any of the services offered by Occupational Health and Safety Consultant / Work Health and Safety Consultant , Australia Working Safely, please contact ANDREW WHITE to discuss the best approach for your organisation.

The fact that you are looking at web pages on work health and safety shows that you recognise the importance of work health and safety for a successful business.

Are you interested in:
  • Your workers not suffering the trauma of Work Health and Safety illness or injury as a result of working for you?
  • Avoiding the trauma for others such as yourself, fellow workers and the family of someone who is suffering a work related injury or illness?
  • Protecting your organisation from escalating worker's compensation insurance premiums?
  • Avoiding legal action for an injury or illness caused by negligence?
  • Avoiding potentially heavy financial penalties for not complying with Occupational Health and Safety legislation in your State? You can incur penalties whether or not an injury has occurred - there simply needs to be the potential for injury through a breach of the Act.
    Under the Model Work Health & Safety Act there is a penalty of up to 5 years imprisonment for a duty holder who recklessly endangers a person to a risk of death or serious injury or illness.
  • Maximising your organisationís reputation as a professional and safety conscious organisation. Many Principals now require the Contractors to submit their Work Health and Safety Management System as part of the tender award process.
If you currently have a good safety performance is that because of your good management or because of good luck? - Don't leave safety to chance!

It has been said that if you can manage workplace safety you can manage anything! Consider the time and money devoted to managing safety not as a cost but as an investment.

So contact Australia Working Safely now.
 0419 311 297        awhite@australiaworkingsafely.com.au      ABN: 99 613 409 144