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Andrew White has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA40104). Australia Working Safely is accredited (accreditation number 29302013) to conduct the 5 Day Health & Safety Representative Training Course and the 1 Day Health & Safety Representative Refresher Training Course.

Australia Working Safely conducts the following Training:
  • 5 Day Health & Safety Representative (HSR) Course (see below for more detail)
  • 1 Day Health & Safety Representatives (HSR) Refresher Course
  • A 1 day WH&S Course for Managers & Supervisors
  • A 1 day course for Health & Safety Committee members
In most instances “closed courses” are done on site at the Client's workplace. This provides the opportunity to tailor the training to reflect what a particular client might already have in place (e.g. a specific risk assessment tool), discussion of relevant safety issues, allows scheduling of times to suit the client, and provides an opportunity for practical application in the workplace.

For your specific health and safety training need and for a quote contact Andrew White at Australia Working Safely.

5 Day Health & Safety Representative (HSR) Course

If requested, a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) must allow Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) and Deputy HSRs to attend a work health and safety course approved by Workplace Standards (WS). The course must be selected in consultation with the PCBU to ensure it is relevant to the work carried out.

Australia Working Safely is a WS accredited Provider of Training for the Initial (5 day) HSR Training Course.

HSRs are not able to perform all their functions unless they have completed this initial training.

"In House" or "Closed Course" training: For a PCBU (or where multiple PCBUs are working together) training can be offered at the PCBU's workplace (provided there is a suitable training venue). This requires a minimum of 5 participants. Benefits include the opportunity to engage in practical exercises in the work environment, to use processes already in place (e.g. risk assessment tool), and to schedule training days and times that suit the PCBU and the HSRs.

Contact Andrew White at Australia Working Safely to discuss your training course needs and obtain a quote.